What to do after college- Job or Entrepreneurship?

What to do after college- Job or Entrepreneurship?

What should I do after college, get a job or work on my idea(or business)? Should I take up a job and work on my ideas on the side and then quit my job after I start earning a decent income from my side hustle? Or should I first do a job for a year or two, gain experience, save some money for investments and later work on my business? Or should I completely focus on my ideas and business? But, what if I fail? What will everyone say if I don’t take a job and fail in business then later go for a job again? Blah..! Blah..! Blah..!

            This is the internal dialogue which goes on inside every young dreamer. The answers to these questions depend on many factors. I’ll try my best to explain and elaborate the details which will help you align your thoughts to make a decision.

First of all, getting a job and earning money is easy. The difficult part is to find satisfaction of work, to know what you exactly want, to know what you are looking for and then to look for it in the right direction. What people do is instead of asking themselves what they want, they directly start searching for answers and looking for things. Why? Because everyone is doing it, everyone is searching for something, why shouldn’t I? If I don’t I’ll be left out of the race. Nothing will be left for me.

Calm the fuck down. There is more than enough for everyone in this world. And you are more than deserving to get it.

NOTE: If you are a safe player, who cannot live without a job security, then this article is not for you.      I won’t be writing about how to look for a job or what mindset you should have to land on the perfect job. But, I’d be talking about the confusions that almost every young entrepreneur faces.
In the end I’ve written about the higher studies and also about ‘Doing job for few initial years and then working on the business.’ Do read.

It all depends on the mindset. Firstly, answer this? What type are you among these three?
1. Hardcore entrepreneur. Who only want to work for himself, can’t handle jobs or a boss.
2. Side hustler. Wants job security. But the aim is to work on your own or work for yourself in the future.
3. Not so sure. Experimenting things and finding out what works best for me. May end up working for a job or may end up in business.

Hardcore Entrepreneur

If you are a hardcore entrepreneur, that means you are comfortable working with risks. This kind works with the greatest degree of risk. This line is so uncertain that you can go from zero to millions and billions in just few months or the exact opposite. But what makes you comfortable with this risk is the fact that you can’t handle a job. You like to work on your own terms; you like to be the boss. You like to help people, you like to see them grow, you like to learn new stuff, you like to try things, you like freedom. You want to do things that you wish, what you feel like, no matter if you fail. You don’t like to be a slave of the clock. You don’t want your mind to be restricted by rules and regulations. You are the believer, the dreamer- who believes that he has the power to convert his dreams into reality, who is not afraid of hard work- can work for 24 hours a day, but only for you and not for some company or boss.

If you are of this type, then job should be the last option for you to consider. You have the vision; you have the dedication and also the appetite for risk. You should not engage your time in activities which will not take you towards your goal. You should spend more and more time in improving your skills, learning new things and trying new stuff (like any idea or small venture). Read more books, explore new resources and keep looking for opportunities. Soon you’ll cross a threshold and have a great breakthrough.

You may consider taking up a job for a few months (not for years), if you want to learn something. Job experience column in your CV won’t help your success in business, so there’s no point in stretching a job for 1-2years. Instead, figure out a skill you want to develop and look for a job where you can hone them over a period of 3-6months.For e.g. If you want to learn to close deals, learn sales and marketing. You can find books on it, but you need an opportunity to test what was given in the books. So take up a sales and marketing job which aligns with your interests and learn stuff. Courses which teach you these things are good, but experience and field knowledge beats them all.  Jobs are perfect to learn things, because they train you to do these things and also you get paid to practice them! Hahaha. 😛

 You won’t find it tough to leave the job security, so don’t be afraid when others say: “Once you get caught up in a job, it’s tough to leave it to pursue your dreams.” Your goals are very big. You won’t settle so easily.

So, the conclusion is: after college, make a routine, note down the fields which interest you, read books, explore more, look for ideas, start working on them, you’ll learn along the way. If you think, you have few months before your idea will come into action and you can manage it by working on it in your spare time, then In the meantime either search for a job to develop certain skills, or join a certification course to upgrade your knowledge. Patience is a must; don’t expect to see results within a few days. Have patience, keep hustling and rule the world in near future.

Job is an option for you only if you are free or want to hone your skills. It is not an option if you are afraid. I understand that sometimes entrepreneurship can be scary, it gets tougher, it gets confusing, at times it may also get darker and getting a job may seem like your only way out; but it is just a trap. Endure all of them and you’ll shine soon. Consider a job only if you want to learn something and you have time for that. Don’t engage yourself to get away from temporary sufferings. Be busy with your hustle, with your business and not with random temporary escapes which you will regret in the future.

ANALOGY: Jobs are to a hardcore entrepreneur, what drugs are to a human being. They will help you relax a bit, free you from your sufferings, but are harmful in the long run.

An entrepreneur needs to handle everything alone in his initial days.

Side Hustler

Your ultimate goal is to be free. Retire early and enjoy your life. But your risk appetite is not as big as a hardcore entrepreneur. You like to take things slow. You like to be sure of at least one constant paycheck while working on others. You can put in extra work for yourself knowing that you are getting a constant paycheck.

This is also a very good option. There are many side hustlers, who used to work a job in the daytime and work on their passion (or dreams) after work, who have now quit their jobs and work full time on their business (or any other hustle that they were working on, like training, dance, etc). Also there are some, who have setup passive sources of income while working a job and once these sources, started generating enough income, they just quit their jobs and are now retired, and enjoying the benefit of their passive incomes and doing what they want with full freedom.

You may have some family emergency, medical situation or any such emergency which forces you to work a job, or maybe it is just your choice. Whatever it is, as long as you are working on your side hustle, it is great.

This kind works with two types of risk-
1. Risk of business failure: It is okay because if your side hustle fails, you’ll still have a basic paycheck coming in from your job. It will make you feel sad, obviously, but you’ll learn from it and do better in your next business.
The risk here– Why are you hustling? To be free from your job and to make more money. So, the risk is- Your side hustle fails and your freedom is delayed. And also, you may lose your investment.

2. Risk of staying in your comfort zone: This is the bigger risk. Since you are earning well, getting timely promotions and incentives, it is easy for you to get consumed by your comfort zone and ignore your side hustle. If this happens, it is very tough to get out of it and also if you are not working hard, it is tough to make a successful business. The only solution to this is to make up a mindset and a fixed set of rules before starting a job.

Also, ask yourself which type of job you really want. Don’t settle for any job that pops up in front of you. Don’t rush. You have some goals, you have a dream. Chill, relax and then think. You are different. You don’t want to get caught up in the race, the race in which everyone is running towards depression and frustration. Think accordingly. Think of something which line up with your goals. Take up a job which excites you, related to the field you are good in, related to something you want to get better at and most preferably, related to your side hustle.

The Explorer

You are the type who is still searching for the thing you love. You have not yet decided what to do in future. You are still exploring your options. The only difference between you and the ones running blindly in the race is that you are not running. You are calmly observing the options available to you and giving yourself time to try things and then decide. First of all, you are doing the correct thing by exploring your options and doing what suits you. Most people forget the importance of finding and doing what they love. They just go where everyone is going.

Coming back to the topic. If you have some idea, that you think you can work on, then start exploring that idea, do some quick research and start bringing that idea into existence. Don’t think about the job for time being. Within a small time frame, you’ll understand where the idea is going. Work like a hardcore entrepreneur. If it works, it is great. But if it fails, you will learn something out of it.

If you don’t have an idea about where to begin with, then you can opt for any pathway- that of a hardcore entrepreneur or of a side hustler. Go in the first direction with a mind made up to handle risks and failure. Only if you have the appetite to handle it, go ahead. Staying calm is in your nature. So, calmly think about what you’d like to work on, read books, learn some things, explore the opportunities that you can create, see what attracts you the most and then go in that direction. If after some time, you don’t feel like continuing in this direction, then you can change your pathway and switch to the side hustler. And if that doesn’t excite you either, you can always have a job.

The only warning is, don’t waste much time in thinking. Get in the game, start acting, start experimenting and learn from the experience. Experience is the best book and the best teacher. Act fast, learn fast and finalize your goals as soon as possible.

Should I consider higher studies after graduation/college? Should I work a job for few years then go for business?

I will tell you some things and then leave you to decide. Suppose after your graduation you are 22. You entered the world of entrepreneurship, the world of risks. You started your first business. It is working well. It’s been 3-4months now. All you can see is how you’ll expand it, or start a new one with the profits. But suddenly, it fails. It fails hard. It left you with only a few valuable lessons and nothing else. What did you lose? Only a little money.Anything else? What did you gain? Experience and some important lessons.

Now imagine after your graduation, you worked for 6years, saved some money. Most probably you’ll be married, or about to get married in the coming 1-2 years. Now, you start a business. And you failed. Do you think you’ll be in the position to fail? No. Why? Because you have a family to look after. You have responsibilities. You need money to fulfill them. The only option is to either keep working a job, or work on some side business along with your main job (As a side hustler, with even reduced appetite for risks).

Higher studies-Ask yourself a question. Why do you want to do higher studies? To strengthen your CV to get a better job, or to gain more knowledge to help improve your business? Entrepreneurs only consider the latter. And the knowledge that you want for business is to be learnt on your own. To be sharpened by experience. College won’t teach you how to run a business. You have to educate yourself.

Conclusion is, don’t decide things blindly. Don’t just follow the herd. Don’t be pressurized by the clock set by the society. Stay calm, figure out how you want your life to be and what are the options available with you. Then decide the risk that you are willing to take. And what will be your life 5 years from now if you took that decision. Then considering all these factors, whichever suits you the best, go with it.

NOTE: If your instincts and gut feeling never let you down, trust it, and make the final call. I consider all the things logically, but my final decision is always based on my instincts. Whatever it says, I do. And, it never lets me down.

I just tried sharing my experience and what i have learned along my journey. It is possible that some of you may not agree with my views. It’s okay. Others who do agree, and have something to share with everyone, or just want to share some experience and have friendly discussion, contact me anytime. 

Also, if you have some suggestion or you have some topic and want me to write on, feel free to drop a mail

Thank You

Archit Sahu

Archit is currently operating a business, working on setting up passive income sources and running a blog to share his experiences and help out other hustlers. He cannot help out everyone obviously and thus he started a forum on his website where everyone can find help from other hustlers around the world.

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