What Does Hustle Mean?

What Does Hustle Mean?

What does hustle really mean? You have heard so much about hustling, everyone is using the word blindly and blankly. Stories and posts are swarming with the word Hustle. But what is it?

In this article, we’ll try to understand the true meaning of HUSTLE. It is highly possible that this article will challenge the belief system of many, and thus they can be offended. Feel free to comment your views and even email me if I am wrong. All I am doing is sharing my thoughts and I believe that most of the hustlers (the real ones) will agree. I am not trying to force my belief on you. So, just read it once and feel free to correct me wherever I am wrong.

No one seems to clearly understand the word ‘HUSTLE’. They usually use the word for their life’s ‘STRUGGLES’. But that is not the true meaning of the word. Don’t confuse HUSTLE with STRUGGLE. Both are different. Everyone struggles, but very few truly hustle. Stop using HUSTLE as a synonym for your STRUGGLES.

When you work on your dream, with passion and determination, it can still get daunting and thus make you feel miserable. It may happen that you will feel like you are just struggling (as the results are slow to show up), it is leading nowhere. But keep faith in your vision. You are working for a bigger weekend, for a longer vacation, for a stress free life, you are working for yourself; you are going somewhere, that’s HUSTLE. A hustle leads somewhere.  It leads to the dream, the end goal. The struggle is just the struggle.

When we struggle for oneself, for our vision, dreams and desires, that is HUSTLE.

Word hustle means to push, jostle; it is a state of great activity. The word “hustle” contains something indomitable that resists being subdued. It means effort. It means grit. There is an implication of pushing past obstacles or barriers, of jostling, of vigor, of pluck. It refers to do something with resolve, but also with spirit and imagination.

Robert Greene said- “Hustling means, to find a way to achieve goals by using the full gamut of possible maneuvers and resources and leaving little to chance.”

Meaning, to go with full force with whatever you have to get what you want, trying out everything that is possible with the available resources, giving your 100% to it.

The hustler has something to prove, something to achieve. He has a fixed goal. It may be building his dream company, building a brand, become a world class trainer, a prudent investor, build his dream physique, win in so and so competition, etc. He takes action towards his goal and not just acts vaguely in the hopes that it may take him closer to his dream. He commits to improve himself. If he is a student, or works a job, he makes sure to work in his spare time. For him, spare time is the time when he is not working on his job.

For layman, spare time means the time when they are free, free from job, daily courses, rest, completing a TV series, hangouts, parties, etc. Time when they have nothing to do or nowhere to go. But the hustler does not consider all these in his schedule. He sacrifices things to get closer to his goals. He makes time for his passion. He even gives up his sleep just to make the dream work. Whenever he is not doing a compulsory thing (like a job, which earns him bread) he considers himself free enough to focus on his dreams.

The layman gets handed opportunities, whereas the hustler takes them. The layman waits for it, the hustler goes out there, and creates one. Both of them ask themselves- What is my passion? What do I want to be? The layman waits for his time, whereas hustler starts with whatever he has. He might not have what he wants yet, but the hustler acts like he does. And that makes you believe that he really does have it. The hustler might bend the rules from time to time, but he never breaks them. Rules of life and nation, not some rules set by society or any company.

Hustler always talks the big game. He always seems to be cocky. But no, he is not being cocky, he is just confident. He believes he can make it through. His energy makes him seem like he is being cocky, but that energy is the thing that helps him throughout his journey. He always backs up his big talks. The results will not be visible immediately, but with time he proves himself. The hustler knows there’s always someone somewhere better than him at something. The hustler is never satisfied, and always has more to accomplish – his extreme competitiveness prevents him from getting complacent. 

The hustler pushes himself as hard as he can, goes as fast as he can, sacrifices many things but still faces failures and rejection. Failures and rejections are something which is very common in a hustler’s life. It obviously makes him sad, disappoints him, but also motivates him more, increases his desire for success, makes him try harder than ever. They make him even stronger for the next round.

Everyone wants results, but the hustler respects the journey to those rewards. He enjoys the journey more than the rewards because; it is the journey which makes him what he is and takes him where he wants to go. The journey shapes him. Obviously he may, at times, hate the journey, but he always respects it. It is his lifestyle rather than just a pathway to success. On the other hand, the layman hates the journey. He wants it to end as soon as possible. The layman does it for work; the hustler does it for sport, for adventure, for his dreams and vision.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

The hustler may not be perfect, he may lack various things, but he is always learning, growing and trying stuff. He knows the value of each hour of the day. He tries to make the most out of it. The obdurate hustlers of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. The hustler is always at the right place at the right time. His vision and hard work helps him be there, not his IQ.

The hustler makes it happen against all odds. To all the hustlers out there- Keep working hard; keep motivating yourself and those around you. Don’t care about what others think. Don’t be afraid of failures, or trying. Your life may seem to be heading nowhere, you may think you are in the deepest shit ever, you may feel like others are living a much better life than you are, but you know what lies ahead for you. Just believe in your vision and keep hustling.

Hustle creed aims at building a platform for such hustlers where they can get almost every resource to succeed. Motivation, stories, experiences. You can also play a role in that by sharing your experiences by writing to us, or being our guest and writing a guest blog

We are also starting a FORUM, where you all can add a new topic, or take part in the ongoing discussion and ask questions, share stories, make friends and what not. The aim is to help as many peeps as possible and create a platform where we all can help each other.

Thank You.

Archit Sahu

Archit is currently operating a business, working on setting up passive income sources and running a blog to share his experiences and help out other hustlers. He cannot help out everyone obviously and thus he started a forum on his website where everyone can find help from other hustlers around the world.

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