These can be some of your FIRST books..

First book is the one which imprints on our mind. It is the foundation of our reading habit. It matters a lot. If it is not an interesting one, maybe you’ll never form the habit of reading. 

We are listing a few books, which are perfect to start your journey. If you are a regular reader (or have read few books earlier) you should too read these books, as these are some LEGENDARY titles.

These books should be the first ones to be read, Because every book is best in its field. These books prove to be the best starting books for anyone who is willing to fall in love with the books (or just forming a habit of reading)

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich dad poor dad- Robert Kiyosaki

This book should be the very first book if your aim is to attain financially freedom in life. In this book Robert narrates the story by comparing his two dad- Rich dad (his childhood friend’s father) and Poor dad (his biological father). He compares the teachings of both the dad and how they help him in his success. He compares the thinking, approach and mindset of both type of people (rich and poor). He tells us about the rat race in which the majority of population is stuck. He tells about the importance of financial freedom and financial intelligence. He also explains the importance of risk, how to take it and how you are already at risk at a job. (When you think, you are secure)

The effect this book can have on someone’s mindset in simply unmatched. This book helps in building a mindset which aims towards being financially free and gives you an insight about what are the various pathways to do so.

Cashflow Quadrant

Cashflow quadrant

This book is actually a continuation (rather in more depth) of Rich dad poor dad. Rich dad poor dad will show you how to earn money and Cashflow quadrant will solidify that path. 

In “Cashflow Quadrant” Kiyosaki teaches the four ways people make money: Employee, Sole Proprietor, Business Owner, and Investor. Defines each of them very clearly, describes the traits of each category to identify which side you are in and the best thing– Explains some of the ways how you can jump from left side of the quadrant to the right one (the wealthy side).

This book will provide a great push and help you develop a clear vision about what your goal should be and what are the various ways you can achieve it?

Monk who sold his ferrari

Monk who sold his ferrari- Robin Sharma

This book was my first book. This book is the one which teaches you what PEACE OF MIND means and what is it’s importance. It teaches you the true meaning of success and happiness and how to find them. It tells you that materialistic desires and achievements don’t result into happiness or peace of mind, it is something else. (It does not talk against possessing wealth or Ferraris, it just tells you that only that is not enough for happiness). When I first read it, it gave me a strange feeling- a feeling of peace and calmness. This book has magic in it. It helps you set your goals and align your actions in their direction. There is even a movie in production on the teachings of this book.

It is a self-help classic telling the story of fictional lawyer Julian Mantle, who sold his mansion and Ferrari to study the seven virtues of the Sages of Sivana in the Himalayan Mountains.

He also mentions various exercises to practice and learn what he has taught in the book.

Think and grow rich

Think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill

This book is a classic one. Almost every book which talks about self development and mindset building books quotes this book. Almost every successful person knows the secrets mentioned in this book. Napoleon hill studied researched many millionaires to find out their secret of success. He imparts that knowledge through this book. This book helps you realize the power that resides within you and how you can achieve things you always wanted by just a slight change in your approach. It tells you a completely free way of earning money- By using what is inside you, what is in your hands.  It shows us how we must think to become money conscious, how to control our minds and our thoughts so that we can become rich.

How to win friends and influence people

How to win friends and influence people

The successful people are not the ones who have the greatest technical knowledge, but are the ones who have good people handling skills. One of the major contributors of success is the skills to handle people. You want to be a great salesman, want a promotion at job, want to be a great freelancer, want to excel your consulting business, want to manage your team or just want to improve your communication skills and improve your network- this book is the one you need. Your ability to deal with people will help you solve or most of the time even completely avoid conflicts. It will help you convince people of your ideas and opinions. It will make you a better leader.

You can become a great influencer if you apply the principles of this book. People will like you, love you or even follow you. You can make better relationships- both business and personal.

If you wish to be successful in any sector of your life (business, job, relations, etc) you cannot risk to skip this book. This book is a MUST READ.

The power of now

The power of now- Eckhart Tolle

This book is one of the best in self-help category. It make us realize the importance of living in the present and what wonders such a small step can bring in our lives.

The book is not only about the theoretical concepts, but it also outlines various experiments and practices which you can opt to attain the skill. If you learned at least some thing from this book, it will have a great impact on your life- I can guarantee you that. It will not only lead to peace of mind, but also make you more effective, helps you unlock the treasure of happiness inside each of us. Sharply increase our senses (specially observing and hearing skills). This book work wonders.

It talks about the time delusion, how to set your mind free, controlling emotions, controlling your surroundings and how you can make everything according to you.

The 7 habits of highly effective people

7 habits of highly effective people

You want to change your situations? Start that by changing yourself. How can you change yourself? Start it by changing your habits? Which habits should I have? Realize it by changing your paradigm. Paradigm is ‘How we see the world’. Stephen here, talks about how we need to change our perceptions about the things happening in this world, to bring a positive change in ourselves. He says- We do not see the world as it is, we see as we are conditioned to see it.

In this book, Stephen talks about the how habits govern our lives. He explains- Change starts from within, change yourself to change your situations. The things happen to you, but what response you should give to those things is completely in your hands. And those responses govern your life. Those responses, decide what will come next.

Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations To Use your energy effectively

Meditations for a vibrant life

It is a manual of practical meditations that will help you understand your energy and make effective use of it. You will learn to set boundaries, to conserve energy, prevent energy drain in difficult relationships and work with anxiety and negative thought patterns. Many of these meditations take only a few minutes, you can do them almost anywhere and the results might just change your life. Experience the beauty of your own energy. Free your energetic flow so that you can accomplish what you want to do and live the dynamic life you have always envisioned.

Subtle art of not giving a f*ck

The subtle art of not giving a fuck- Mark Manson

The title makes us think that the book suggests not giving a fuck about anything that happens in our life, somewhat like Buddha said. But it is not so. This book is a positive psychology book FOCUSED around the VALUES. It is not about, not giving a fuck but it is about giving a fuck about things that matter. It is about ignoring the things that doesn’t matter but still takes up our energy.

The writing style is full of humor and thus you’ll never get bored. It’s a light minded book, won’t force you to question your existence, but still teach you things which hardcore psychology may fail to teach.

Due to its light nature and humor, and obviously the lessons, I would recommend this to young readers.

My 2 favorite lessons-
1. Values you can’t control are bad values to follow.
2. Certainty hampers growth (Don’t believe you know anything with certainty,  it will keep you from improving).

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