You need to start SOMEWHERE

You need to start SOMEWHERE

Big dreams- One day you’ll be a billionaire, own a profitable & well-settled business, be a top class bodybuilder, be a renowned musician, a standup comedian, have the biggest consultancy firm, etc. But right now, you are waiting for the right opportunity, the right time. The right time to start the business, the right time to record content, to build a brand, to launch yourself, waiting for enough money, waiting for the perfect team. Aren’t you?


You may be designing a perfect plan to achieve your goal, waiting to reach a certain number of followers to start making your content & then post it or you may have some ongoing task in hand, which you are waiting to finish first, and then do the things you always wanted to.

All I’d say is that you are just procrastinating. You are just delaying your actions. You are just making excuses to get out of your comfort zone. There is no such thing as ‘Perfect Time’ or ‘Perfect plan’. Every plan experiences some resistance and setbacks in the beginning. We learn from them, change certain things, experiment again and achieve the goal one step at a time. But for that- ‘YOU NEED TO START SOMEWHERE.’

                Positive mindset, Strong will, and strong belief is not the only thing that will lead you to success, but, along with these, the thing that matters the most is ‘ACTION’. If you don’t act, it will all go in vain.

Start Somewhere

I would like to give an example of one of the most famous and successful bodybuilder and an entrepreneur.
                                A bodybuilder has to be famous, he has to make his name, become a brand. For this, one of the biggest responsibilities they have is maintaining their social media profiles. For which, they need to click good pictures, record videos and put superb content. (Along with focusing on their day to day life, workouts, diets, etc.) Before all the fame and success, he used to record all the videos for social media with just a tripod and a timer. It would have been awkward running back and forth a 1000 times and talk to the camera in a gym full of people, staring at him (when no one knew who the f*ck he is).Well, he didn’t care much about the quality. He just focused on creating good content. He taught himself basic video editing, and edited all the videos on his own and managed everything. Now, he has a team of professional cameramen walking around and recording for him all the time, managing his content, running his social media platforms, and what not.

It would have been VERY EASY for him to just wait for ‘THE RIGHT TIME’. Until he was able to afford a professional photographer who can record and edit for him. “He is a bodybuilder, how can he record professional stuff? Edit videos? Put out content? There are professionals who can be hired to do all this stuff.” And that could have been the perfect excuse for him to NOT GO OUT AND JUST WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME OR RIGHT OPPORTUNITY. But no, instead he went out and did stuff on his own. He created what he wanted.

Personal Experience

I always wanted to do something big. Always used to talk about ‘How I will build a big monster company’ & this and that. I eagerly kept waiting for ‘THE BIG IDEA’. Later I had a few ideas, but I always procrastinated by giving excuses like, ‘I am not ready yet’, ‘I have to learn more’, ‘I’ll need to do extensive research on the topic’ and blah blah. But in the end, it was all just big talks and excuses.

I realized this soon, as the outcome was obvious- ZERO. And then, I made up my mind to act on the next idea that pops up in my mind. Didn’t think if it was scale-able or not, whether I am ready or not, just jumped all in. ’You need to start somewhere.’ I kept telling myself this over and again. You won’t know how the idea is or whether you are ready or not, until you start it.

                You want to be big, want to reach the top, it can’t be done all at once. It should be done in steps. You have to learn along the way and grow. You have to be CONSISTENT in your ACTIONS. That’s the secret.


ACTIONS matter. They are the key to success. If you are a traveler, musician, bodybuilder, looking for a promotion, just go out there and start posting your content. Don’t be afraid of what people will think. Ignore the haters. Go all out and start posting. Don’t wait for the perfect time or perfect equipment.

Just create a vision, believe in it and start. Start small, Aim high and Get Big, or Keep waiting FOREVER.

Hustle Creed

Hustle creed aims at building a platform for such hustlers where they can get almost every resource to succeed. Motivation, stories, experiences. You can also play a role in that by sharing your experiences by writing to us, or being our guest and writing a guest blog

We have also started a FORUM, where you all can add a new topic, or take part in the ongoing discussion and ask questions, share stories, make friends and what not. The aim is to help as many peeps as possible and create a platform where we all can help each other.

Thank You.

Archit Sahu

Archit is currently operating a business, working on setting up passive income sources and running a blog to share his experiences and help out other hustlers. He cannot help out everyone obviously and thus he started a forum on his website where everyone can find help from other hustlers around the world.

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