How to get rid of laziness?

How to get rid of laziness?

In this article, we will be talking about laziness. How to be aware of it and how we can overcome it?

Laziness, no-one wants it but everyone has it. We all at some points of our lives get fed up of our laziness and think about doing something about it, have deep thoughts, chart out plans about how we will be completing the tasks and free ourselves from this Satan named LAZINESS. But does it work? In most of the cases, it doesn’t. The enthusiasm at the very best lasts merely for 1-2 days.

Why are we lazy? Is technology the reason behind it?

Is technology making you lazy?

No, it is not. This article won’t be bitching about how technology is making your lives easier resulting into us being lazy. Technology is actually here to improve our lives. Earlier what used to take 7 days is now possible in few hours. So it should be the reason behind our success, behind us achieving the heights which were earlier impossible. It should not be used as an excuse for our sloppiness.

So how can we overcome laziness?

First of all, we should be aware of it. We should be able to identify laziness. Once we are able to identify it, we can work further to find ways to eliminate them.

Sloppy behavior, not interested in working, sleeping for long hours, delaying things until the deadline is above our heads, what else? What else do you think is laziness? One of the biggest sign of laziness, which we tend to ignore, is- Not taking the initiative. We know we need to do something, but we ignore it or delay it. Procrastination is the sub-domain of laziness.

Discipline is simply the difference between ‘What you need NOW’ and ‘What you need MOST’.

We should start observing our habits, our reactions to situations and problems. We should take a note of it, study ourselves. Investing time in studying oneself is the best investment possible. Only after doing so, can we have a clear picture of how lazy we are, what excuses are we dwelling on and what do we need to change? Where can we improve ourselves and thus be more efficient?

And then, make up your mind that- You won’t repeat it. Everything is in your control; you will not give in to the desire to delay, the desire which avoids us from undertaking any work, which asks us to stay in the least energy expending state possible.


Plan, make it happen

Planning does not mean just to write things down, schedule them and start working. Planning is a 3 step process.

Step 1: Identify what work needs to be completed. I’d recommend to do it on a weekly basis (As it is neither too short of a time nor a long stretch)

Step 2: Grouping them into categories like, Urgent and important, Urgent and not important, not urgent not important and so on (however suits you).

Step 3: Deciding which activity takes what time and scheduling it accordingly.

Remember; focus on completing the important things first. Then go on to the unimportant things. ‘The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.’

The 80/20 rule: ’We spend the 80% of our time doing the 20% of the work and that 20% is usually the unimportant work.’

Once, we have fixed up our plan, we have a clear picture of how our day is going to be. Initially, be flexible. Appoint 1.5hours to the work that is going to take 1hour, so that you can adjust other works (which will take more time than expected) in the schedule.

Importance of planning:  Earlier I used to simply think of the work that is to be completed (Not used to note it down or schedule it). And then set up an alarm for 5:00 A.M. for the next morning. I used to wake up at 5, and naturally, my mind used to fool me by saying- You can sleep for 2 more hours, the work can be completed even if you wake up at 7. Deep inside I knew it is a lie but I liked it, obviously. This thing ended, once I started planning as per the above steps. Because now I know how much time it is going to take exactly, how much can I afford and everything is clear.

‘The excuses sound the best to the one who makes them.’

But, don’t let planning stop your from action. Don’t make it an excuse, that I am not yet done planning, and that is why I am not acting yet. I will soon. Many people make PLANNING as an excuse for their inaction. You need to start somewhere. (Read this for a quick boost to start acting)


This is also a very helpful philosophy. You are not your thoughts. You are aware of them. Don’t punish yourself or blame yourself for your thoughts. You both are a different entity. Learn to control them, or else they will control you.

Whenever a thought pops up in your mind which says- I should probably do it later, I should probably take a short nap, I should do this and that, any thought that seems like a hindrance to your change, control it- Be brave enough to say NO. No, I won’t listen to you. Go against it, be a rebel.

Just say no (control your mind)

It is tough; I have been through it too. It is like your whole body goes along with your mind. When the mind says- You are tired, you need to take a nap- your eyes try their best to shut themselves. But this is the exact time when you need to stand up against it. Start standing up against your mind. Start saying it no. Start with small things. Your mind says- Let’s drink a coffee, you need it else you can’t work. Say no. You don’t need coffee to work, you are self-dependent. It may sound weird, but it is the truth. There are many thoughts that are not true, but we believe it as facts just because our mind makes us believe them.

Start saying no to small things, practice it often. Soon, you’ll grow into controlling the major thoughts as well. And once you are in control of your mind, you are on a whole different level. The freedom that you will experience will be veryyyyyyyy different. You can’t even think how rejuvenating it feels. You are in control of how to react to a situation, how to feel, everything is in your control, you can do whatever you want. You are no longer a slave to your mind.


Exercise, workout

Try to exercise daily. As little as 20-30mins is enough. All you need is a little stretch (to relieve all the tension in muscles and open up the joints), a small cardio (speed walking, random dance, jumping or anything you like that will increase your heart rate and make you sweat) and some deep breaths.

That’s it. A small workout session of 20-30 minutes is enough to keep you alive for the day. ‘If you can’t even take out 30mins from your day for it, then you don’t have a life.’ Sorry, if it was rude, but it is the truth. If you can’t take 30mins for yourself, for your well-being, for what matters, you don’t have a life and you need to seriously do something about it soon.

Why working out seems effective? Because as your heart rate is increased, your blood flow speeds up. It gets well. It cleanses the body naturally. It provides with enough oxygen, fresh oxygen. It restores the energy and makes you feel alive.

Personal Experience: I work-out every morning. If someday, I skip it, the whole day feels like someone died. It feels depressing, the whole body feels stiff and it is like I have no energy to do anything. But when I workout, a new kind of confidence and energy is felt. It’s like- I can do anything, I can achieve anything, no one can stop me.

“Exercising will leave you tired and thus you will not able to focus on your work”- Another excuse that your mind (and obviously some lazy beings) will tell you. If you will observe the lives of any successful person (literally, any), you will find out that they workout for at least 30-60mins a day.

So, summarizing– Laziness is not something that can be overcome in a day, but it is to be overcome slowly by practicing the things mentioned above. The things mentioned are based on a personal experience, but these are not all. There are various other things that can be done to overcome laziness. Different things work for different people. All you need is to introspect, try out things and find out what works the best for you. 

In the end, all I’d say is- It’s all in our minds. Control it, and control your life.

Thank you

Archit Sahu

Archit is currently operating a business, working on setting up passive income sources and running a blog to share his experiences and help out other hustlers. He cannot help out everyone obviously and thus he started a forum on his website where everyone can find help from other hustlers around the world.

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